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We are aware that automotive and industrial components require safe and quality assured packaging during transportation. Our experts studied the industrial needs in details and have designed packaging solutions which flexibly meet the specifications and provide cost-efficient benefits over conventional methods. We recommend going for suitable packaging solutions, as right designs increase the quantity to be loaded into the shipping containers.This makes the overall supply chain efficient and gives added the boost to your business. In addition to this, we at Holisol, understand the environmental concerns posed by supply chains across the world. That’s why we design returnable and reusable packaging solutions to make your supply chain greener.

You can choose from the range of packaging solutions we offer

1. Heavy Machinery Packaging Solutions:

Finished vehicles can be transported using multiple packaging methods. We cover them all – whether you would like to save logistics cost and increase vehicle loadability over longer distances or your needs are based on saving assembling and disassembling costs over short distance transportation.

  • Semi Knocked Down Solutions (SKD)

Increase vehicle loadability by 30 %

  • Completely Knocked Down Solutions (CKD) 

Increase vehicle loadability by 50 %

  • Completely Built Unit Solutions (CBU)

Transport full vehicle hassle-free

2. Industrial Components Packaging :

packaging solutionsWe offer component packaging solutions which cater to needs of suppliers as well as manufacturers. For uniquely shaped components, we have got propylene bins (PP  Bins), steel containers and racks which can be used as an alternative to conventional wooden packaging. Packaging designs returnable, collapsible in shape and can be used multiple times. These green packaging solutions give you added benefits in the form of

  • Reduction in Carbon Footprints
  • Decrease Resource Consumption
  • Lesser Scrap Generation
  • Reduction in Fire Hazards
  • Reduction in Reverse Logistics Cost
  • Safer Packaging Options

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