Make Your Customers Fall In Love With You This New Year

Festive season and year-end always bring a boom to the retail sales. Considering the growth pattern in the just concluded festive season, online retailers must double their efforts to capitalize on the coming Christmas and year-end period to increase their profits with attractive new year online offers. This is a crucial time of the year when retailers must deploy methods to capture the imagination of their customers.

Make your customers happy

This includes providing customer-specific services and providing the customer with the best possible shopping experience. With the fast-changing world, giving mere offers may not be good enough to lure and retain customers. It is high time that e-tailers look for innovation in their sales channels along with new year offers to bring more opportunities to their doorsteps. Look at some of the ways which can make your customers fall in love with your value propositions this new year.

1. Are you strong on the network?
A strong and expanding network helps a business to be closer to the opportunity. And the opportunity is huge – the stats show that 50% of Indian marketplace was dominated by e-commerce segment during the recent festive seasons. This is expected to rise further keeping in view the multi-fold rise in internet ***********. Also, as per the Epsilon’s holiday shopping survey, 51% of the customers are interested in the online promotional offers. This should be a cue for the retailers to focus on building a strong distribution network to capitalize on the potential available and reach the customers faster. Since it is the last mile delivery where online meets offline, it’s paramount for the retailers to tie all the loose ends, if any, while making the final deliveries.

2. Are you communicating the relevant message?
The world is suffering from excess communication which means the customer may miss the message you tend to communicate. A recent study suggested that 70% of brands fail to use personalized marketing messages to their customers. The study also pointed out that personalized emails delivered 6 times higher transaction rates. To gain more customers, you need to keep an eye on the data regarding customer preferences, buying behavior, brand loyalty etc. Analyzing this data can bring out results on likely savings on future purchases of the customer, the information which can form a backbone of your personalized message related to new year online offers. This would prompt customers to buy from you.

3. Is your infrastructure ready for the big season?
It is a given that as an online retailer, you will have to cater to the rise in a number of orders during the holiday period. Meeting delivery expectations for all these orders becomes a major challenge for the retailers. Lack of preparation or improper planning in backend logistics can potentially create bottlenecks in your supply chain. The new year online offers’ period on which you pinned all your hopes suddenly inflicts a very bad image for your business. To make sure your supply chain is up and running to fulfill customers’ orders at the right time and right place, you invest on optimizing the infrastructure or should work closely with reliable logistics service provider who is equipped to manage the peak efficiently.

4. Are you ready to ‘go extra mile’ to delight your customers?
Customer delight is something which is intangible but can have a severe impact on your sales. It is important to make the customer’s purchasing process an enjoyable one to ensure they would love to come back. Efforts backed with proper strategy can enhance customer experience such as maintaining a point of contact, assistance during the buying process, resolving issues in no time, dealing with payment issues, getting post sales feedback, managing return orders smartly, making payments secure and comfortable and so on. A competent and compassionate service will not only help in the success of sale campaign, will also help in building a long-term relationship with a customer and increasing the loyalty to your brand.

So, experience the rise in sales and generate more revenue by being more customer-centric during this year-end sale. You should note that shopping offers during the new year period are complemented with steps such as ensuring timely delivery, optimized customer experience across all channels, personalized marketing and strong customer service. E-tailers will benefit by ensuring that their customers are pleased with their service during this time of joy. It is important to anticipate the customer expectations and market dynamics so that you are ready with right resources and infrastructure to efficiently manage the peak in volume.