Holisol is a young organization with a focus on ‘Doing things that matter’. It’s a place for smart and talented people, who are self motivated and bring lots of positive energy to the environment they are in.

We live by our core values which we believe create an environment of openness and learning where you can reach your potential. We sincerely believe in people and the decisions that they make.

We mix fun with work and enjoy what we do! We wear casuals at work but are not casual about our work.

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    Life at holisol

    Co-worker Speak!

    Holisol values its customers in ways I had only wished a company would value its customers. People before profits and still manages to make Profits! Its because when you treat your clients like they matter to you,each one individually,then they keep coming back to you with a smile. The company believes in growing along with all its staff which is a great and huge plus point. I have enjoyed working for this organization. Working under the guidance of such great people (Rahul, Naveen, Manish) has been a learning and an enjoyable experience. I do wish the company very best in all its future endeavors.
    I was extremely lucky to work with a boss like Mr.Rahul Dogar. He offers his subordinates an enormous amount of trust,he is entertaining and charming:). The amazing part is his ability to be human,make work fun,easier and at the same time professional as well. Rahul is always passionate, thinks out of box and is always committed to excellence. He is a leader who always shares ideas, presents opportunities, gives challenges that the person being mentored may not have seen or recognized as possibilities.
    About people, I would like to say if the quality of an organisation’s employees is an indication of future success, then Holisol has a very bright future.
    I would like to extend my best wishes to all of them.
    The Holisol experience: Writing about the company where I’ve spent few of the best professional (and personal) days of my life makes me a little emotional. Nevertheless, will try to keep a steady head while typing this. For the first time, in 4 years of my career, my colleagues were actually my family, my bosses were actually my mentors and my workplace was actually my second home. You look forward to being at work (just being there, surrounded with all that positive energy), that is what Holisol does to you!
    You get the freedom to work in your own special way (you are practically your own boss), take up new projects (with the risks covered), give shapes to your innovative ideas or simply get the platform to share them with a sane/bright colleagues…. What more can anybody ask for!
    From weekly personality development sessions to daily group lunch to appraisal discussions over coffee during world cup matches to rocking Diwali/Christmas/anniversary parties to road trips for attending a colleague’s marriage..Holisol has it all!