Are You  Ready for These 5 Challenges In E-Commerce Supply Chain?

E-commerce segment has been on the rise in last few years. Companies are looking to cash in on the e-commerce growth. In the pursuit of their goals, biggest of the challenges that they face are linked to e-commerce supply chain. It is no more just about moving orders from one point to another. It is important that the companies have a strong focus on analytics and technology.

e-commerce supply chain

Decisions must be data-driven and customers should be given full visibility of their orders. It becomes even more crucial when you are planning to venture into new geographies. Below is the elaboration of key challenges in e-com supply chain and how they can be overcome.

1.    Are you good enough to localize in the global economy?
Gone are the days when businesses targeted certain marketsE- commerce companies havepossess the ability to quickly expand in new geographies if they are supported bywith a strong supply chain network. Shining eE-commerce has diminished the traditional boundaries and businesses strive to reach the global customers. This is where Bbusinesses face the difficulty in e-commerce supply chains due to cross-border government policies, taxes, economic barriers and so on. It’s recommended that you must look for experts who are specialized locally making the right impact regarding your globalization plans.
2.    Differentiating your business and retaining customers
E-commerce is a different ball game to offline channels where you get to see the customer face to face and have a realistic chance of creating an impact on his buying behavior. In the e-commerce supply chain, your customer is at the far end of selling cycle. You must make a genuine effort in fulfilling customer expectations so that the customer knocks at your door again. You must make a conscious effort in differentiating your brand by unique positioning. Logistics professionals keep on analyzing a large amount of data produced across e-commerce supply chain and bring quantitative results which assist you in business decision making.
3.    Do you have right technology and systems in place?
It is tough to sustain e-commerce supply chain if you do not possess the best-fit technology for your business. You must have the order management system for processing the order, fully equipped Warehouse Management System (WMS), delivery tracking system and if required, customer relationship management (CRM) tool for providing best customer experience. These tools are there to make your life easier.
4.    Personalized customer experience
You can add extra life to your e-commerce supply chain by providing personalized service to each customer. As mentioned earlier, eachEach  customerEach customer has different expectations; you must put yourself in each customer’s shoes so that you add extra value to your e-commerce supply chain. How will you do this? At each point of the supply chain, there is data associated with the customer – be it buying preferences, pattern, brand liking/disliking and so on. Based on the analysis, you can surprise each customer with personalized experience across supply chain like sending across timely information on relevant sale offers.
5.    Are you playing the numbers game correctly?
As a business, you know how important is it to predict right. At times, there is a huge surge in the customer demand. But if you do not calculate it right, then it would be tough to get off the chaotic situation. This is where experienced supply chain experts assist you. Based on their experience and using the analytical tools, they forecast the demand based on algorithms and historical data. Due to this, you are ahead of the market and can get the desired results at any given time.

By now, you should be able to identify correctly how you can get rid of these 5 e-commerce supply chain challenges. However, it is important to look for the right logistics partner who has the experience and latest technology to assist you in achieving your desired goals.
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