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does the product roadmap is suitable for supply chain and logistics management how and why?
Posted by Nisha Kumar
Asked on August 10, 2018 11:18 am

Hi Nisha, here’s my answer to your question.
Yes the product roadmap is suitable for the supply chain management industry. Let’s understand this with an example –
”A logistics company is already providing services of transportation at ambient temperature and when it strategically aims to build up a new service for cold chain by building up its fleet for reefer vehicles and installing sensors devices for temperature control, then may possible look forward to support the service through some IT product.”
All of it needs to be chalked out as a roadmap which would track and trace the development of capabilities and implementation of the solution. Then only the service can be productized with a proper Go To Market Plan.

The roadmap for building up any product or service capability, can broadly be framed under appended points –
1. Market Demand Analysis (Finding the need)
2. Competitive Market Geography-wise
3. Development or Research for appropriate solution
4. Developing Infra and Support requirements
5. Cost Feasibility
6. Creating Prototype & Models
7. Sustainability Analysis
8. Improvisations & Ammendments
9. Marketing & Sales

Hope it solves your purpose to some extent.Thanks.

Posted by Pratyaksh Verma
Answered On August 14, 2018 8:14 am